Tools and training made by teachers, for teachers.

Less time documenting, more time teaching.


The Your Edu Journey App is a simple and quick way of recording students learning progression in real time.

Evidence individual, group and whole class learning progression.
Set individualised goals to differentiate student outcomes.

Document and track your students outcomes at the click of a button.

Easily print goals for each student.

Write goals for each student, group or class and then print them out and place them where they can be seen. This saves you time and allows you to share learning intentions quickly and simply with your students.

Save time by scanning QR codes to evidence learning.

Autogenerate a QR code for each student and place it on their desk or somewhere in the classroom. Each student profile has their saved goals meaning you can scan the QR code at any time and upload evidence of learning to the goal of your choice.

Download student data and gain learning insights.

Download a data report at anytime to gain insight into your students learning. The data collected has multiple uses such as identifying formative assessment outcomes, understanding students who require further support or acknowledging which students need extension activities.


What can I record in the app?

The app is designed to record learning progressions for students, groups and classes. You can upload videos, pictures and documents as part of the student’s progress. It is also possible to assign support types to the work such as supported, prompted and independent. Once the student, group or class has completed the goal you are able to mark it complete.

Who is the app for?

The app can be used by school leader, teachers and tutors. A class can be assigned to one or more teachers making it easy evidence progression between two teachers working in collaboration. The assign teachers or tutor holds the rights to their student’s information. 

Can I see an overview of my student’s or class progression?

Yes, it is simple to download the data you collect by generating an overview report. This will allow you to track every student within your class or year group. Your data overview can help you plan for next steps, identify students meeting their goals early or demonstrating areas students need more support with.

Does this app share information with parents?

No, the app has designed by teachers for teachers. The app is for teachers to use as a tool in assessing and tracking student progress. The data collected by the app, along with your professional knowledge allows you to become the best teacher you can be.